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Rescue the Reef

The goal and mission of La Mer Luxe is to spark change and start a conversation about how we can conserve our reefs and eliminate ocean pollution before it is too late. It is projected that by 2050, more than 90% of coral reefs will be dead.

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Everyone can help- the first step is to talk about it! Spread the word, spread the facts, and spread awareness. Here are some small steps that can be taken that will help save our reefs and save our oceans that anyone can do at home!

Let's do this together!

Don’t purchase “souvenirs from the sea”. Although Corals are beautiful, overharvesting is one factor that is causing corals to disappear. Often sold in the form of jewelry, home accessories, and souvenirs- if you see pieces of coral for sale, do not buy them.

Cut carbon. Burning fossil fuels to power homes, business, and cars adds carbon dioxide into the air. This carbon dioxide traps the suns heat, causing the oceans to become warmer and more acidic. This makes it hard for organisms like corals and clams to build their skeletons and shells. Reducing your carbon footprint can make a big impact on our oceans. A couple of ideas to reduce your carbon footprint are carpooling, drying laundry on a line instead of the dryer, replace lightbulbs with more efficient ones.

Do not touch or handle corals or reefs if you see one.

Do not purchase live coral for saltwater fish tanks.

Wear reef-friendly sunscreen. Don’t wear sunscreens that have oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Eat sustainable seafood. Only eat seafood that is caught sustainably. Avoid eating Parrotfish- they help keep reefs clean!

Use green alternatives for fertilizer and pesticides. Harmful yard chemicals will eventually run into our oceans!

If you live near the coast, volunteer in local beach clean ups!

Don’t leave fishing lines or nets near any water ways. Always

clean up all toys and trash after visiting the beach.

Less water, less waste. The less water, the less runoff and wastewater that goes into our oceans.

Continue talking about saving the reefs to others.

Continue the conversation!

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