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Ocean Conservation: Artificial Reef Update & News

On June 25th, 2022, La Mer Luxe dropped an artificial reef structure off the Bali coast- with the help of the North Bali Reef Conservation group- with the goal in mind that with time, the artificial structure would be home to other coral colonies that will naturally settle onto the surface.

Now that the artificial reef has settled onto the bottom of the ocean, baby coral have been planted on the surface to promote growth. The plan is to eventually have 48 transplanted corals on the structure so that by next year we can begin to see the first natural coral recruits growing from the coral spawn coming up! 😊

Artificial Coral Reef

Exciting news!

Artificial reef structure #2 has been deployed!

The La Mer Luxe team is excited to announce the deployment of a second artificial reef structure that has been dropped near our first reef off of the Bali coast.

Here is a sneak peak of structure #2! Any guesses on what the shape may be?

North Bali Conservation Group

Keep checking the La Mer Luxe website for exciting updates and more photos as we continue partnering with the North Bali Reef Conservation group to

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