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La Mer Luxe Fall 2023 has arrived!

This week, La Mer Luxe is featuring *new* Fall 2023 styles that everyone is sure to fall for! ♥

It's all about the details with the new SS Janice Midi! Featuring a unique ruffle neckline, ruffle sleeve, and comfortable/breathable fit. Dress it up, or dress it down!

- A166: SS Janice Midi

- Sampled in 209 Multi Green Banana Leaf

SS Janice Midi

fall styles

Love the Mindy Maxi dress? It is now available in a top, and it's the perfect staple for your Fall wardrobe!

- L121: 3/4 Slv Mindy Top

- Sampled in 210 Chocolate Wildlife

3/4 Slv Mindy Top

la mer luxe fall

Add some ruffle and flare this fall with the all-new SS Maria dress!

- A171: SS Maria Dress

- Sampled in 209 Multi Green Banana Leaf

SS Maria Dress

fall resort wear

Check us out on instagram for more Fall 2023 looks!


We'll sea you there!

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