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Mangoro Market Meri Program Papua New Guinea

In efforts to support global conservation issues, La Mer Luxe has supported The Nature Conservancy in Papua New Guinea to help fund the Mangoro Market Meri (Mangrove Market Women) program.

The Mangoro Market Meri program is a woman-led conservation group working to protect Papua New Guinea mangroves in their communities.

Why are mangroves important?

Mangroves are habitat to many fish and shellfish. They also trap sediment from land runoff, protecting coral reefs and seagrass from silt, and act as sand dunes for coastal communities by protecting their shores from tides and surges. Local people rely on mangroves to provide firewood as well as fish and crabs to eat and to sell at local markets.

What is happening to them?

Mangroves are one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet due to being cleared for housing, logging, and aquaculture. They are also being over-harvested for timber and firewood.

How can we fix it?

By supporting conservation groups like Mangoro Market Mari and The Nature Conservancy, sustainable mangrove policies are being created and enforced. Local PNG women are being provided the opportunity to develop and trial their business and conservation ideas.

Thank you!

for supporting La Mer Luxe so that we can support global conservation issues.

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