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A new brand, a new chapter, a new mission!


Escapada Living has come a long way since starting 10 years ago. With clothing cut to fit real women of all ages, our colorful, classic collections resonated with women everywhere and brought the effortless happiness of the tropics into everyday life. In this ever changing world, we want to build on Escapada Living’s mission of inspiring happiness and incorporate our passion for the sea (la mer in French) by helping to protect and preserve the sea for future generations to come.

It’s with great excitement that we’re announcing the rollout of our new brand with a purpose, La Mer Luxe.

La Mer Luxe will continue to feature iconic silhouettes in fresh, clean prints but with an added purpose! In order to spark change and create awareness around ocean conservation issues, including protecting our coral reefs, La Mer Luxe will be donating a portion of profits to organizations that support ocean conservation.

We’re looking forward to this next chapter with La Mer Luxe, where we will strive not only to make our customers happy but to make this world a better place. We hope you love our new brand and mission as much as we do! 

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